Case Management Program (HIV/AIDS)

Case Management Services provided by the program assist persons living with HIV/AIDS, household members, and loved ones to develop a plan for quality living. The plan includes the following:


  • Understanding HIV/AIDS and its effects,

  • Discussing and understanding medical needs and treatment information

  • Discussing and replacing a person's fears with accurate knowledge of HIV/AIDS

  • Assisting with household financial planning

  • Discovering community resources

  • Health education and risk reduction services

  • Assisting with reactions of others - toward a person's - positive status



Other services provided through the program include:


  • HIV/AIDS specific medical care and treatment with Dr. Peter Gulick in Harrison, MI

  • Medications (prescriptions and non-prescription)

  • Nutritional services (education and supplements)

  • Counseling referrals

  • Transportation assistance

  • Referrals for housing needs, utilities support, and food assistance

  • Budgeting resources

  • Assistance with medical coverage and medication coverage programs

  • Dental care (limited)

  • Community resource referrals

  • Substance abuse referrals

  • Home or office visits

  • Support group

  • Laboratory services

  • Pharmaceutical support

  • Coordination with your primary care physician



Additional services provided by CMDHD are:


  • Confidential/anonymous HIV testing

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Family planning

  • Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) services

  • Immunizations

  • TB testing


Clinic Contact Information 

  • Harrison Clinic (815 N. Clare Avenue, Suite B, Harrison, MI 48625); Fax: 989-539-4449

  • Isabella County Office (2012 E. Preston Avenue, Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858); Fax:  989-772-5959

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