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Internships and Practicums

To be considered for an internship or practicum with CMDHD, students must complete an application package and be registered to receive credit for the internship through a college or university. (Please note: All internships are unpaid, unless otherwise stated).

Internship hours are based on student availability and preceptor need. If your program has set requirements for internships (hours, deliverables, etc.), please communicate this information as well. Internships in the past have ranged from less than 10 hours per week to 40 hours per week.

Internship Application Dates

Summer 2023 Dates

  • January – accepting applications for full-time internships for undergraduates for the Health Promotion program until April 4.

  • All other internships are closed at this time.


Application Checklist

To be considered for an internship or practicum experience with CMDHD, students must be registered to receive credit for the internship through a college or university. Students must also submit the following documentation at the time of application:

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

  • Copy of college/university preceptor manual (or any document from the academic institution describing the requirements of the internship host site)

  • A completed application – application includes the top two internship opportunities the student is applying for. Public Health Experience Application Form

  • Optional – If you would like to propose a different internship from the ones listed on our page, please submit a project proposal. Include the purpose, what you hope to learn, and deliverables you would complete. Just note that projects might not be possible due to staffing, program restrictions, and other factors.

After you have completed your application package, please submit it in one of the following ways:

  • Email application to:

  • Fax application to: (989) 773-4319 (Attention:  Public Health Experience Coordinator)

  • Mail application to: Central Michigan District Health Department, Attention:  Public Health Experience Coordinator, 2012 E. Preston, Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858

Intern Requirements from Student

  • Background check

  • TB test

  • Immunization records


Make sure we have an agreement with the affiliated institution.


Students who have long - term projects (not clinics, job shadowing or volunteering) will be asked to join us for orientation. The date of orientation will be sent to students once they are accepted. 

Student Research Day Dates

This is the day that students present their research and projects to employees. Time would be determined by the number of interns we have for that current term. Most presentations will be a PowerPoint or another type of presentation. We can do this virtually if need be.

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