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Land Use Evaluations


Land Use Evaluations are performed on vacant property to determine if a parcel of land that does not have municipal wastewater services available can be considered for an on-site septic system. Most land evaluations will deal with sewage suitability and water supply. After an application has been made, a sanitarian will evaluate the proposed site to determine if the conditions on the site meet the requirements of the sanitary code. Some of the specific items that are examined during the evaluation are:

  • Soil type and permeability

  • Depth to seasonal high water table

  • Slope

  • Horizontal separation distance from wells, surface waters, property lines.

  • Amount of suitable area available

  • Area hydrogeology

  • Runoff patterns

  • Proposed land use

  • Easements, right-of-ways, & building setbacks

  • Location of buried utilities and other site improvements

  • New development site verses repair site

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