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General Information

COVID-19 Testing/Specimen Submission

Caring for Covid-19 Patients


Pediatric Care


First Responders

Congregate Health Care Settings (LTC/Nursing Homes/Adult Foster Care/Home for the Aged/Assisted Living/Retirement Communities)

Skilled Nursing Facilities/Nursing Homes

  • MDHHS: Long-Term Care COVID-19 Plan - This webpage provides guidance to many different types of congregate care settings on testing, reporting, staffing, infection control, visitation and financial reimbursement.


AFC/HFA Operators

Testing in SNF/HFA/AFC (Capacities of 13 or more)

  • MDHHS: CLIA Waiver Application – instructions for those facilities who are performing antigen testing and need to apply for a CLIA Waiver

  • Reporting to Local (CMDHD) and State (MDHHS) Health Departments

    • Report all positive cases of staff or residents to Central MI District Health Department within 24 hours (both antigen and PCR).

    • If using antigen testing (any kind) supplies provided from the state, report ALL positive results, to MDHHS each day that testing is done: Michigan Antigen Testing Results Portal.

      • Positive results must be reported individually within 4 hours of completion of the test.

      • Negative results may be reported as an aggregate number within 24 hours of completion of the test.

        • Facilities that wish to, may continue to provide individual negative results​

    • If conducting antigen testing and positive tests are found on staff or residents, include that on your daily report to MDHHS and also, use the attached form to fax to your local CMDHD branch office within 24 hours.

    • Please continue to follow any additional reporting requirements set forth by CMS, LARA, or MDHHS.

Other Resources for Congregate Settings

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