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Partner Services

Partner Services has been designed to have educated and experienced Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) take an active role within Michigan communities. Through a coordinated approach, CMDHD personnel engage in partner notification prevention education, assisting individuals with receiving HIV, Syphilis, and other Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing and result information, and appropriate treatment.

Central Michigan District Health Department's ultimate goals are as follows:


  1. To interrupt the spread of HIV and Syphilis by providing information, counseling and resources to HIV positive and/or Syphilis infected persons that will encourage them to notify their potentially exposed sex and/or needle-sharing partners of their potential risk for HIV and/or Syphilis infection, either directly or through the assistance offered by the local health department.

  2. To assure that notified partners and/or contacts are offered appropriate counseling, support, referrals and medical follow-up such as HIV antibody and/or Syphilis testing. If test results are determined to be "positive" then additional counseling, subsequent medical evaluation, appropriate treatment, counseling and referral to other services, (i.e. HIV Case Management Services) are offered, as needed.

  3. To assure that persons with HIV are offered client-centered counseling to negotiate a personalized risk-reduction plan that includes behavior strategies and physical motivators to minimize the likelihood of future exposure of or transmission to uninfected partners.


Please call Jaclyn Badger at 989-773-5921 ext. 1628 for additional information.


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