Before any food service facility is built or remodeled a plan review must be completed by the local health department. A plan review application and worksheet must be submitted at least thirty days prior to the planned beginning of construction. Include all of the following information:


  1. Plan review application and any necessary plan review fees.

  2. Completed Plan Review Worksheet

  3. Menu

  4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

  5. One complete set of plans.

  6. Equipment specifications

  7. Certified Manager Requirements 

See Submission Instructions for more detail.


For Special Transitory Food Units (STFU) and Mobile:


  1. STFU/Mobile Submission Instructions

  2. STFU/Mobile Application

  3. STFU/Mobile Worksheet

After the plans have been reviewed and approved, you will receive a letter authorizing construction. During construction, a sanitarian may visit to check progress. A completed Food Service License Applications must also be submitted along with License Fees at this time. Contact your local health department office several days in advance to arrange for a pre-opening inspection. The inspector will verify all work was completed according to plans; all equipment is operational, and all required inspections including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and building have been completed and approved. Once the facility has been found to be in substantial compliance with the food code requirements and building occupancy has been granted, approval to operate will be authorized. 

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