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Residential Sewage Systems



New Construction Sewage Systems


The Site Evaluation is the first step in the process for obtaining a permit to install an on-site sewage system on land that does not have municipal wastewater services available. After an application has been made, a sanitarian will evaluate the proposed site to determine if the site is suitable for an on-site septic system based on the requirements of the sanitary code. Some of the specific items that are examined during the evaluation are:

  • Soil type and permeability

  • Depth to seasonal high water table

  • Slope

  • Horizontal separation distance from wells, surface waters, property lines.

  • Amount of suitable area available

  • Area hydrogeology

  • Runoff patterns

  • Proposed land use

  • Easements, right-of-ways, & building setbacks

  • Location of buried utilities and other site improvements

  • Existing development on adjacent lots


A septic permit is required from the health department prior to obtaining a building permit. Any construction prior to permit issuance is a violation of the sanitary code. 

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