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Exchange Central
Syringe Service Program

Exchange Central

Exchange Central is a syringe service program that makes sterile syringes accessible to people who use drugs. Access to sterile syringes is an evidence-based public health service that reduces HIV and Hepatitis C infections. Exchange Central offers a place to connect with other supplies and resources like health care and drug treatment. We offer a safe place for people who use drugs and those affected by substance use. Through respect and connection, we are committed to ensure syringe access and overdose prevention for all.


Services include:

  • STI, HIV, Hepatitis C testing and referrals to treatment

  • Naloxone and overdose education

  • Safe injection equipment

  • Wound care supplies

  • Safe sex supplies

  • Education

  • Referrals

Call or text (989) 259-4549 to schedule a pickup or walk-in at your local county office. For the most up to date information follow our Facebook page.

Mobile Services Unit

Exchange Central has gone mobile! We are now offering full syringe services on our mobile unit as well as free rapid HIV and Hepatitis C testing. For more information and to receive services outside of the designated mobile unit days and times, text or call us at (989) 259-4549. 

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