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Time of Transfer

Time of Transfer Program

The Time of Transfer (TOT) is part of the Sanitary Code of regulation of the Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD).  It states that properties in all of Isabella County, Billings Township (Gladwin County) and Secord Township (Gladwin County) with onsite wells and/or onsite sewage treatment systems need to be evaluated when the property is sold or transferred to a new owner.  


The purpose of this regulation is to protect public health and to prevent or minimize the degradation of groundwater and surface water quality by malfunctioning sewage treatment systems and to assure safe water supplies by the evaluation of the sewage treatment systems and private water supply systems at the time of transfer.  It is not the intention of this regulation to cause any existing onsite sewage treatment and disposal system or private water supply system that are currently functioning but do not meet existing construction standards to be brought into compliance with such standards unless a public health nuisance exists. Only those that are failing or do not meet the approval criteria established by the Central Michigan District Health Department will require corrective action.  A sewage treatment system and water supply that are certified for transfer have been found, at the time of inspection, to be safely constructed and not an environmental concern.  A certified system is not a new installation

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