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Swimming Beaches

Thank you for your interest in the Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD) beach monitoring program. Below is a link to the Department of Environmental Quality's Statewide advisories and closures website. This site allows you to see beach monitoring results for beaches tested statewide, just click on the county where you are interested in swimming water quality.


Additionally, this site also allows you to view the beaches that have been closed or posted with an advisory against swimming; this information is located on the main page. In order to close or post an advisory for a beach, the data results for E.coli contamination must exceed 300 E.coli/100 mLs of water for one single sampling event. The closure or advisory is lifted after the results from sampling indicated levels of E.coli have fallen below the contamination level. If you have any questions concerning the sample results posted on this website, please contact your local branch office of the Central Michigan District Health Department.



Harmful Algal Blooms

These fact sheets provide valuable information to the general public and municipalities responsible for public beaches on protecting swimmers and preventing disease during algae blooms.


Fiscal Year 2023 Beach Samples

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