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Lead Testing for Children

About Lead

Lead is a metal that can be found in many places, including in chips of old paint, household dust, imported toys, and, less often, water contaminated by lead pipes. Exposure to lead is bad for everyone, but young children are often most at risk.

Making sure that children aren’t exposed to lead is important to their long-term health. Even low levels of lead in blood can affect children’s development.


Lead Screening

CMDHD routinely does lead screening on Medicaid-eligible children in the WIC program. Lead testing can also include non-WIC participants in the event of a lead exposure in the community. This screening is done by a finger prick. If a child has high lead levels (>3.5 micrograms/dL), follow up testing, education, and resources will be provided.

Sometimes a child will be screened by their doctor, and they will test positive for lead.  These results are sent to the State of Michigan and then CMDHD follows up on those cases if necessary. CMDHD’s goal is to make sure parents have adequate information to protect their children from further lead exposure.



Fiscal Year 2023 Lead/Hgb Test Metrics

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