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Maternal and Infant Health Program (MIHP)
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Maternal and Infant Health Program

Mission: The Maternal Infant Health Program nurtures health and wellness throughout pregnancy and infancy by partnering families with caring, trusted, and knowledgeable home visitors who serve the goals and needs of each family. 

Vision: Our vision is that all babies, families, and communities in Michigan are healthy and thriving.

Goals: The goals of MIHP are to reduce rates of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by promoting healthy pregnancies, positive birth outcomes, and healthy growth and development for infants.

Home Visits 

When you enroll in the Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP), you will work with a nurse and a social worker who will help you connect with your doctor, your health plan, and providers in your community. The nurse and social worker will meet with you at our office, your home, via telehealth, or at another convenient location while you are pregnant. After your baby is born, we will continue to support you and your baby with visits and education for at least a year. MIHP is a statewide home visiting program in Michigan that serves Medicaid-eligible pregnant people, infants, and their families.


To learn more about MIHP click here.



If you'd like to sign up for MIHP or learn more about Central Michigan District Health Department's MIHP Program, please fill out the form here.

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